Sunday, July 19, 2015

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We may have created a monster. Our planned July visit to the Midwest put Henry's birthday at Grammy and Grandpa's in Indiana, so if we wanted any degree of an Alaskan party that would need to be a June affair.

So, a June party was held at Oceanview park, plenty of Henry's friends attended, and it was a great time. Oh, as is the tradition it seems, Mom and Dad gave Henry his presents prior to the park party. It just works out smoother that way (and saves a few extra things to haul out to the park). So before we even set foot on that southbound plane, the kid had already attended 2 parties in his honor.

Even though the Indiana dinner and cake was a small affair, it still was a third event. He's going to think that birthdays encompass a month!

He's old enough to understand why things were that way, so I'm only joking. Still, that's a lot of cake.

Full birthday party photos here.


Summer's bad news is that our 4Runner was totaled, thanks to a younger driver making a u-turn. Nobody was hurt, we are not at fault, but we now find ourselves hustling around for a new vehicle. It's more fun to take your time and pick something out that way, yet forward we must go.


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