Monday, July 20, 2015

Even though I spent a decent 10 days running around the Midwest with our little circus, it was ultimately a drop in the bucket when compared to the miles and time Becky and kids are accruing in their remaining tear between northern Wisconsin and eastern Pennsylvania. They're still in the middle of their month long trip as I type this in Alaska.

Henry and Piper have been doing very well given the long miles on the road. Here they are below, stopping in Abbotsford, WI for ice cream. In the 90 something degree heat the line was predictably far too long at Hawkeye Dairy, though Becky politely snapped a photo in front of the giant ice cream cone for me (As a child I stood many times in front of that same magical cone).


While the rest of the Alaskan Tureks ramble across the central time zone, I'm left uploading photos and sorting through our busy spring. It was a busy and happy time to be sure.

IMG_6769 (Large)

She's getting blonder everyday.

IMG_6840 (Large)

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