Monday, December 28, 2015

If there was any confusion about how much Henry is into Christmas, let's dispel that now. He's bananas for Christmas, at times almost uncontrollably.

Henry and Piper sleep in the same room, and for convenience we still have a baby monitor in that room; the main idea being that if Piper wakes up and needs some help we can respond to it before if becomes an air raid siren that rustles up Henry. And old habits die hard, so the monitor is clicked on each night.

Early morning on Christmas Day the noises started. The first occurrence at 2 am was a rustling on the monitor, a thump of feet leaving the bunk, followed by thudding feet towards the door, the door clunking open, silence as Henry peered at the dark first floor, and then a clunking of the bedroom door as he tumbled back into his room. Ditto at 6:30 am as well. Both times Mommy and Daddy whispered prayers that he wouldn't take a turn towards our door. It wouldn't surprise me if we snoozed through a few other expeditions.

How Piper slept through this thumping and clunking is a Christmas miracle. I quickly grabbed a 7 am shower and hustled downstairs to start the oven for the breakfast casserole. Around 8 am the whole house was up, buzzing, and soon filled with mountains of torn paper.

IMG_8941 (Large)

Piper seemed genuinely excited, though mostly because the house was filled with new things, papers, and excitement. She was marginally interested in tearing open packages, but heavily interested playing with her Duplos.

IMG_8966 (Large)

Full set of Christmas 2015 pictures.

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