Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The holidays are becoming more of a blur each year as these kids get a little bigger every day. This year we've seen Santa four times, largely because here in Alaska we're so close to the North Pole. We saw him on a whim at Bass Pro, and then on purpose at a work event and the Christmas Train. By the time Santa showed up after the Preschool Christmas play, Henry was ready to take a pass.

"I told him last week that I wanted a Matchbox Treasure Truck. He knows. Let's get some juice."

Good point.

Later that day he received the treasure truck as a planned reward for all the hard work that led up to his narrator part.

"Looks like Santa won't need to bring that treasure truck. I bet he knows something else you'd like."

"Yes. Santa is going to bring Legos now."

A very calm, pragmatic young man.

IMG_8902 (Large)

As you can see above, Henry has a genetic ability thanks to his father for putting his hands in his pockets and politely waiting for life to get moving again.

The Santa train was well worth it again this year. Santa jumped in our booth and said, "Hold up your finger. Thumbs up!"

Santa was being confusing. As you can see, Henry went with the first sentence.

Santa train pictures here.

IMG_8852 (Large)

All Christmas play photos here.

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