Monday, February 27, 2012

As you would expect, it's mostly all Henry all the time around here. However, we do get out at times and manage to keep our lives interesting. For a Christmas gift, Becky had the opportunity to take a few classes at the Viking cooking school here in town. After an extremely useful (but not visually exciting) course on knife skills, Becky went for a "Julie and Julia" themed class. Below is the Beef Bourguignon Becky prepared upon the conclusion of the class. As I believe firmly that mushrooms are poisonous and deadly, I will have to wait to taste a truncated version. She assures me it was absolutely delicious.


A week later, with a head full of cooking steam, Becky put together completely delicious Eggs Benedict utilizing her newly honed poaching and hollandaise skills. The dish was so delicious and rich that our full bellies had us happily skipping lunch that day!

IMG_2524 (Large)

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