Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We found ourselves out in Chugiak at Randy and Kelly's for the superbowl. It was uniformly decided that even though most of our teams were not playing, we'd wear our gear anyway. I went with a Badgers hat, Becky wore a green sweatshirt to approach some Packers colors, Lesley wore proper Packers gear, Hailey flew the Brady jersey, and Henry wore his Bears Urlacher jersey. It was a conflicting day. Many in the room held a bitter taste for the Giants based on their exorcising of the Packers, yet those same fans just couldn't get too excited about Brady getting yet another ring. Most of us jumped on the underdog bandwagon and cheered for the Giants.

IMG_2477 (Large)

Hank had a great time. His Johnny Jump Up swing had some good use, he was repeatedly held by everyone, and ultimately he was a good sport with all of the attention. He even cracked a drooling smile while on his hands and knees in the center of the room as we all chanted "crawl! crawl!" for several moments. There was no crawling, but he was happy to have a room full of smiles directed his way.

Henry only had his bottles during the day, but everyone else feasted like death row inmates on the spread. Freshly fried chicken wings, a nacho station, sweets, meatballs, chips, dips, cheese, crackers, pop, Alaskan White beer, Rainier, etc. We're all still recovering from the food coma.

IMG_2482 (Large)

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