Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It was not planned, but it seems that we may be raising a cowboy.  Henry loves hearing us sing "Ragtime Cowboy Hank/Joe" as we bob him up and down on our knees. I'm sure he just loves the motion, but mom and dad keep telling him that he's riding the range on a horse.

Whenever I feed or play with Henry I tend to have music playing, which means I usually have some vinyl spinning away -- usually it's Johnny Cash or Neil Young. I often hold Henry up and enjoy his smile and fixation as he watches the arm swing and drop onto the spinning record. His favorite these days seems to be Johnny Cash's "Ballads of the True West." Aside from being populated with plenty of great songs, this record is occasionally interrupted with Johnny reading a poem or speaking a bit about the old west. Hank loves deep voices and genuinely responds to Johnny Cash's voice. While feeding him last night I had to keep dropping the needle on "Hiawatha's Vision" repeatedly to keep recreating the smile and interest on Henry's face. The young man likes his Johnny Cash, and he prefers it spinning in front of his eyes.

Add in the great Wyoming gear Henry wears often, and you have a cowboy in the making.

Here is Henry's new "Supervisor" pose. He continues to love supervising and quietly observing us while we fold clothes or complete any other menial task. He always seems to be carefully checking off a list as we correctly completely the task at hand, though he has now added this pose where his hand rests on his hip and he seems to gaze with a deeper satisfaction than before. We can't stop laughing when he busts it out.

IMG_2540 (Large)

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