Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day here was a very quiet affair. We enjoyed a Costco pizza, gave Henry a bath, and watched The River. Henry splashed up a storm, jammed most of the floating toys into his mouth, and smiled away as long as we did not scrub his face. For reasons unknown, he did seem to love the bath more than usual. He must be a hopeless romantic.

Thanks to the Lachs in Prentice, WI we have some wonderful new Badger gear. Valentines Day was a perfect opportunity to sport the Big Red colors and take a family picture, and after a few attempts with the timed camera we ended up with a passable photo. Hank's gut is hanging out a bit, but he doesn't seem to mind. We're thankful and proud to have some Badger gear here in Alaska, as there are so many Wisconsin expatriates afoot. Thanks again, Stan and LuAnn!

IMG_2539 (Large)

Grammy and Grandpa Turek sent along a book and card for Henry's first Valentines Day. Henry pronounced the book delicious in taste and has given it his full attention when it has been read to him. It wins on texture and content! The card was the immediate star though. As you can see from the picture below, the card is proving more interesting than the puff treat in front of him. That is saying a great deal as those puffs get snatched in a blink by Henry's increasingly accurate fingers. When you beat the puffs, you've got a real winner.

IMG_2532 (Large)

Thanks so much, Grammy and Grandpa Turek! Here's Henry enjoying his card.

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