Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Grammy Turek just wrapped up her Iditarod visit and is back in the warm, snowless Midwest. Here in Alaska we are 6 inches away from having the snowiest Anchorage winter on record, which means a great deal. When you're breaking snow records in Alaska, you're breaking real records.

The weather over the last week was pleasantly in the teens and twenties and the sun did come out at times. Henry was bundled up properly and as parents we knew he would be safely warm, but we also knew that all of this has nothing to do with his mood. That's entirely up to Henry. He expectedly fussed while we applied vaseline and suntan lotion to his exposed skin (cheeks and nose), but beyond that he was an absolute champion. He was content to look around frozen Willow Lake, be passed around and held towards the mushing dogs, and even doze off in someone's arms. We had expected to take him home early  from the Iditarod restart, but that was never an issue. What a champion.

Speaking of Iditarod, there are a ridiculous amount of pictures on our flickr page.

IMG_2619 (Large)

In the last few days Henry has keyed on the repetition of the phrase "Da. Da" and even "Dad. Dad." It's all extremely exciting and heartwarming, though there is a hitch. He aims these sounds at women, particularly cousin Lesley. For his actual father, he repeats, "Doug." Yep, I'm Doug.

DSC00740 (Large)

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