Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When Lora generously brought me a Badgers cap during her Alaskan vacation, I don't believe she knew she was really bringing a gift for Henry. I know he enjoys exploring the texture and shape of the hat, but I believe the strong colors are what really are at play. If I'm wearing one of my other caps, he will barely acknowledge their existence. When the Wisconsin hat is on, he only has eyes for it. The closer I hold him, the grabbier the hands become as they reach for the brim. The best toys we have around here have very little correlation to price or size. Our all star toy lineup consists of Wisconsin hats, sale papers, magazines, corrugated coffee holders, brushes, and sweatshirt pull strings (not to mention Daddy's eyeglasses). Thus far we do not seem to be raising an aristocrat.

IMG_2653 (Large)

He's been in a surprisingly good mood these past few days given his situation. His first tooth is poking out of the bottom of his mouth, and it has been been accompanied by a cold, some congestion, and lots of napping. We've heard teething horror stories, but so far Henry is yet again being kind to us. He takes a little longer to finish his bottle, but he eases into naps much quicker. A fair trade.

IMG_2652 (Large)

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