Monday, March 26, 2012

We have all kinds of conversations, comments, and expressions around our home that we have never had before.

Henry loves his 2 small erupting teeth, so much so that he often spirals into periods where his tongue happily traces and hovers on top of them. He's excited about the new sensation in his mouth. As a father I get to watch my son stick his tongue out at his parents for 10 minutes at a crack. He may or may not make gurgling noises also. He's happy and engaged so we're happy ourselves.

Always The Supervisor, Hank loves nothing more than monitoring what is going on in the house. If mom's washing dishes or making dinner, that is where the attention goes. If dad is moving around the kitchen or dining room, the world must stop (bottle, toys, etc.) so the super's eyes can trace and follow daddy across the room. All of this happens silently with great attention. This often means that one of us holds Henry as he sits on the counter and observes the activity. Out of this came a new phrase that none of us took to be out of the ordinary. "Somebody took a dump on the counter." We all know that when you get busy and excited on a specific task, things catch up on you. The Supervisor is often a red faced charmer!

A charmer that loves his chocolate chip pancakes.

IMG_2681 (Large)

He's very able to spin and drag himself around a 4 foot radius, but he has yet to put together full blown crawling. No matter, because he is able to stand fairly well. We may drift straight past crawling and sprint towards walking.

IMG_2679 (Large)

It all often ends the same way, in naps near the fireplace as the Alaskan springtime remains elusive.

IMG_2687 (Large)

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