Friday, March 16, 2012

While the days grow longer and the sun shines across warmer temperatures here in Anchorage, we unfortunately succumbed to a bunker mentality this week. We all have colds of varying degrees and one of us has 2 teeth struggling to sprout from the lower gum. Henry fusses intermittently over the tooth discomfort and generally weathers the congestion and runny nose like a champ. He's a pill at times, but certainly could be much worse. As to where the cold came from, that is a chicken or the egg question with an answer lost to the ages. We're all a bit under the weather but seem to be turning the corner. With some additional sleep for the adults this weekend and some Pedialyte for Henry, we should be on the road to sunnier days before we know it.

Before this sluggish week we visited JC Penney for some professional photographs of 'ol Hank. He smiled when encouraged and had a great time studying the dressed and stressed families cluttered throughout the waiting area. He is truly The Supervisor. Along with the prints we ordered, we were able to leave with a CD containing the image below, making it extremely easy and cheap for us to run off some copies at Costco ourselves. If you'd like a picture of Henry doing his Spanky from Our Gang impersonation, please let us know via email. We'll happily get one in the mail for you.

henry1 (Large)

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