Thursday, November 15, 2012

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It is all about pointing and helping here.

When I arrive home I crack open the door and barely peek my eyes into the room as I hear Becky prepping Henry with numerous "Who's coming?" questions. I step in confidently, smile, and say, "Hi Henry!" He may or may not smile in response, but he will certainly point. This pointing is often in a random direction -- the snow outside, the stereo, the kitchen light, etc. He notices something and needs immediately to share it. He'll then walk up to me, smile,  let me give him a hug and a kiss, and finally point to the smoke detector above the door. He loves anything that beeps.

Yesterday he sat sweetly in my lap, paid close attention to the story I was reading (fifth story in a row actually), and then turned up to me with a warm smile. It was extremely charming. He then reached up with his finger quickly and aimed in such a way that it went right under my glasses and nailed my eye cleanly. I flinched and was fine. Thanks, Hank. His world is getting more identifiable and he wants us all in on the journey.

He's also a big helper these days, though often helper is defined as touching and getting in the way of as much as possible. It's the price of doing business. Anytime we are cooking, have tools out, or are even paying bills at the table, Henry is an integral part. He's involved and 99% of the time that is great. As shown below, if I empty and cinch up the garbage and verify that nothing is leaking or apt to tear the bag, I simply tell him to take the garbage out. He quickly drags it to the front door.

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