Friday, November 23, 2012

Sometimes Henry is a bit overzealous when it comes to helping Daddy. He's not old enough to have a filter that properly balances desires, abilities, and teamwork. He lets it flow when the spirit moves him.

He learns new things everyday and we praise 99% of them. For the 1% of things that garner a "Mommy and Dad say no" response, he merely stops and tries those things again later with a more sneaky approach. The good things are encouraged and tend to make random appearances in Henry's repertoire.

On Wednesday night I cinched up the kitchen garbage bag, announced that I needed a helper to get the bag to the door, and then promptly handed the bag to a smiling Henry before watching him pull it to the door. It was 0 outside and even though I was in a t shirt, I decided not to put on a jacket -- it's only 30 feet to the garbage cans. 

I shuffled to the cans, dropped in the bag, jogged back to the door, and found it locked. Henry can reach the doorknob and knows that when the door closes, Mom and Dad lock the door. So he locked it. Becky soon realized the issue and we had a good laugh as she unlocked the door.

Henry can now lock the doorknob, quickly. Duly noted.

IMG_4300 (Large)

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