Monday, November 5, 2012

There were many ways to measure success on Henry's first Halloween (we're not counting last year because it consisted mostly of Henry drinking his bottle while wearing a bear suit as The Thing From Another World flickered on the tv). At a base level, he kept the spider suit on, did not try to eat any of it, and refrained from jerking on any of the legs. He even ran around Randy and Kelly's home wearing it with a certain spring in his step. The evening began with some momentum.

As much as I was enjoying watching Son of Frankenstein on TCM on the HD tv, dusk was threatening and we soon found ourselves gearing up for our march through the Chugiak subdivision. It was 20 degrees outside yet completely wind free -- as comfortable as it will get for an Alaskan Halloween.

As we shuffled up snow patched driveways we settled into a routine. I would set Henry down in front of the door, Becky would thread his arm through his trick or treat bag, I would then step back in support of a teetering Hank (his boots, while warm, are currently a little large), and finally Becky would give the doorbell a poke.

"Trick or Treat!," the proud parents said. Henry stared up politely.

"Oh you are such a cute little spider." Henry stared up politely.

"Thank you," we would say. Henry just continued his gaze up towards the new, smiling adult.

I would then produce the warm blanket and wrap him up as if he was James Brown himself at the slow point of a big song. I would pick up our little Godfather of Soul and hold him close, warming him up as we walked to the next house. Becky kept a handle on the candy, visited with the neighbors she knew, and praised how good a sport Henry was being.

Overall Henry enjoyed the travel and new faces. He may not have been bursting with glee, but the guy was obviously being a great sport.

IMG_4245 (Large)

After about 8 homes we found ourselves hitting the 16 degree/ 45 minute mark, so we decided to wrap it up and not tempt Henry's demeanor too strongly. However, the largest test remained -- Uncle Randy.

Henry has warmed up to Randy a great deal and no longer fears the mustache, though I still wouldn't bet too heavily on that phase being gone for good. We propped Hank up solo on the Barnes porch, rapped on the door, and stepped back with digital camera in hand.

Despite the glimmer of trouble in the photo below, Henry did not produce a trembling lip. He ended the evening a champ through and through.

IMG_4254 (Large)

To the winner go the spoils.

IMG_4260 (Large)

All the Halloween pictures are here.

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