Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We're doing our best to get settled back into snowy Anchorage after a wondrous week in Maui as guests of Uncle Tim and Aunt Mary. We were in the air for the entirety of the super bowl and finally walked into our home around 10 pm, just past Henry's bed time. As expected, he entered the door shot out of a gun, rapidly inspecting, moving, and rattling all of his toys. His smile beamed and it took about an hour to finally wind down and ease into a bedtime story. He had such a great time in Maui, had an even better time no longer being stuck on the plane, and was just happy to be home.

Mom and Dad are in the same boat. We are left smirking at our tans in the bathroom mirror while still trying to put together the chronology and geography of our week in Hawaii. It'll take some time to snap the legos together in our brains and recognize all of the interesting things we did.

Here is a perfect personification of Henry's tropical joy, not to mention Henry looking pretty sharp in plaid just like his old man.

IMG_0500 (Large)

Here is the full Maui photo set.

IMG_0403 (Large)

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