Monday, February 25, 2013

Location: Henry's Bedroom, 2nd Floor
Time: Before breakfast
Status: Trouble brewing

Last Thursday Becky embarked on a normal morning routine -- greet the arisen and babbling Hank, get a few things ready, and finally head downstairs to have some breakfast before traveling to the Spenard Rec Center. Thanks to the baby gates positioned on the 2nd floor along with the closed bathroom door, it's safe to let Henry run around in a closed space while Mom gets a few things together. He ran around with his usual morning joy and giddiness. When it came time to get dressed, Mom brought him into his room and closed the door -- it is always easier at this stage to keep him in one room. Henry was dressed and ready so Becky turned the doorknob to head downstairs. No luck.

It seems our growing boy clicked the lock on the doorknob a few minutes before Becky unwillingly pulled it shut. Yes, the lock is on the outside of the door.

Status: No cell phone. No land line. No food anywhere for Henry. tick-tock. tick-tock. Locked inside.

Henry was immediately placed in his crib where he quietly and seriously watched a very calm Mommy dig in the closet for a hanger with a malleable end. 15 minutes later the deadlatch was defeated and Henry rejoiced along with Mom.

Daddy soon received a call at work and made plans to stop by Home Depot on the way home.

Status: New doorknob sans lock.

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