Monday, February 18, 2013

Times change and activities shift, but you can always count on Henry being happy and wigglier by the day. His new discovery is the tie blanket from Aunt Kelly. He loves to sit underneath it and hide from us, only to have it lifted up quickly in a great reveal of static extended hair. We often wrap him into a fleece cocoon and announce that this package is ready for Coloma or Rensselear. He loves it all as he wiggles out over and over.

IMG_0650 (Large)

When it comes to anything Daddy is doing, he wants in. Case in point -- flossing. If I'm cleaning my teeth he will immediately grab the dangling piece and apply it to his teeth. This is always followed by his smile at finding a minty aftertaste -- it amazes him. Consequently, he's happy to sit still and allow his teeth to be flossed. He's happy, and his dentist is happy as well.

IMG_0672 (Large)

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