Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The deep freeze in south central Alaska seems to have finally broken. For about 10 days here in east Anchorage we started the day at -17 and peaked at -8 or -9. We now live happily in the positive single digits, which is a world of difference. Perhaps a Saturday hike in the bog is in the near future for Henry and his old man, though he has been happier than ever lately. We were stuck inside fighting the chill so we devised endless games, stories, and songs to throw at Hank. Keying into his role as "The Supervisor", we often place him in the center of our bed, sitting up and holding his burp rag (this kids loves his rag). He's well away from any side of the bed and is in no danger from tumbling over. He's set. We simply pop up our heads from the end and sides of the bed, secretly shuffling along the floor between pop ups. Henry believes this is the funniest and most fascinating thing in the world, particularly if you do it slowly with eye contact. Throw in a few quicker pop ups to the actual center of the bed and you have one entertained little boy. 

Now if we could just get him to realize that he can use his feet to power this swing, imagine how much wider his smile could be.

IMG_2419 (Large)

Here is Hank and his foal enjoying one of the many times he's heard "Ragtime Cowboy Joe."

IMG_2436 (Large)

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