Friday, January 27, 2012

Sometimes the best show in our little home is not the clothes being folded, the shining white snow outside the 3rd floor window, the colorful book being read, or the mirror containing the other baby in the bathroom. The hottest ticket in town is the washing machine.

IMG_2452 (Large)

It has flashing lights at seemingly random times, sings songs when finished, makes erratic noises as water spits inside, and spins. Oh, does it spin. It is so wonderful the way it spins. Henry is very capable of sitting up strongly and sternly, but he does still tumble over now and again when something distracts him. If something fascinating is happening near you, how could you help yourself from lurching dramatically in that direction? The washer is such a magnetic threat, so when we plop Hank in front of the churning happiness we need to mind him closely. It's a small price to pay for such a happy event.

IMG_2453 (Large)

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