Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We all know what happens when you move the pump arm.

Our 6 month visit with Dr. Michelle was last week and Henry is healthy and perfectly in the average category of all the health and weight ranges. This is the time of his life when average is what everyone is shooting for. He smiles and coos for the doctor as she kindlyexamines him and takes his shots like a champion. We always tell him he was so brave, but in truth he was held down for 10 seconds, cried, and had to be quickly soothed. Certainly the crying and fussing could have continued for much longer, so for only fussing for a few moments after the shots ended we'll give him a bravery badge.

Dr. Laufer always treats Henry so warmly and he responds in kind. We certainly chose the correct pediatrician. I held Henry on my lap as she tenderly rotated his legs, checking for smooth hip joints. Hank's diaper happened to be off this time and as she held his left leg and smoothly moved it she activated the pump. Her pants ended up a bit wet, Daddy's jacket was earmarked for the washing machine that evening, and the diaper was quickly replaced. We all chuckled and shrugged as it was 4:45 in the afternoon, which meant that Henry was nowhere near the first one to pee on the staff that day.

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