Thursday, January 5, 2012

Henry and I rarely have disagreements, but the other night I found myself on his bad side. Becky was off to the gym and I was tasked with feeding Henry his supper (something I have done many times before). Hank was all snapped into his high chair, the bottle was shaken, and some mushed green beans were at the ready. We always start the process with the bottle to prime the pump and settle life down a bit, something which went according to planned this time. The green beans turned his mood from happiness to a deep, sad unrest though.

It seemed to be pure torture for 'ol Hank, regardless of his previous love of green beans. Screaming and crying ensued and soon I was cleaning spattered beans from my glasses. We shifted back to the bottle to calm the escalating mood and soon were back to normal. I doubled down and steered the spoon back to his mouth. It was even more painful this time and for the second time in 5 minutes I was taking a moment to rinse my glasses of green goop. Hint taken!

Back into the fridge went the green beans and out of the chair came Henry. His sad mood miraculously disappeared and we were the best of smiling friends on the couch as he slurped on his bottle. Becky returned to an odd combination of chuckles, puzzled frustration, smiles, and a splattered shirt on Daddy.  Henry didn't want solids during that meal, so that's the way it was going to be. I'm doing my best to roll with the punches and am doing a little better everyday. Henry is happy and healthy so there is nothing to get hung up on.

Evidence on my shirt aside, you can see below that he was my buddy soon after the green bean rejection.

IMG_2355 (Large)

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