Monday, January 9, 2012

This winter has become a bit of a bear here in Anchorage. It seems that we end up with a new dump of snow at least once a week, not to mention that we have spent nearly a month happy to just get above 0 and live in the single digits during the day. The skiing has been excellent though as the snow keeps getting groomed and packed into nice, smooth trails. The picture below is of the snow on our garage as of Sunday the 8th.

IMG_2380 (Large)

We're happy and comfortable inside next to the fireplace, playing with Henry on the floor amongst his pile of toys. He's a wonderfully inquisitive, pleasant, and happy little boy. He loves to quietly observe and monitor anything and anyone that happens to be drifting around the room he is in, hence his new nickname "The Supervisor." I don't believe in Lamarckism myself, but Henry seems to have somehow stumbled into the knowledge of how to behave precisely as a Chicago city worker. He just sits, watches, stays relaxed, and refuses to move. If he learns how to read a paper and go out to lunch he'll get snatched up by Chicago immediately. The best example lately comes when it is time to fold clothes -- plop him in the middle of the bed and he will happily observe and seemingly double check the shuffling and folding of shirts and pants. Why start to fuss when there is so much to monitor and be in charge of?

IMG_2361 (Large)

Here he is at 6 months old.

IMG_2373 (Large)

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