Monday, April 2, 2012

Henry fumbles through his "Da" sounds and even peels off a few "Da-das" here and there. I've happily ceased to be named Doug and his vocal progress continues. I was holding Henry last night as he happily gazed at Becky when out came, "Todd." Yep, Mommy is Todd. He repeated it a few more times for good measure and we chuckled away. I'm Doug and Becky is Todd. The Supervisor has spoken.

He may not be crawling in a fluid or classical way, but the young boy is moving forward. It made my planned installation of the baby gates over the weekend all the more prescient. Good timing, Doug. It should almost go without saying that when the electric drill was fired up, The Supervisor had to come and watch Doug install the gates (at least until  Henry hit the wall and needed a nap).

While we remain 3 inches shy of the all time snow record for Anchorage, we are now seeing daytime highs in the 30's. We have been slowly melting for a week and the city is turning into a world of slop. I hope we get those final inches and crush the record -- there are at least 5+ weeks of winter left. In the meantime I've been chiseling away at the snow on my deck. I'm not worried about the weight of the snow as much as I am concerned at the sheer amounted of water that will eventually settle next to my foundation. I probably have nothing to worry about, but who wants to deal with seepage when it's time to get out biking and fishing.

Yes, Henry needed to closely monitor Dad's shoveling.

IMG_2705 (Large)

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