Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter finally arrived and it was as perfect as we could have hoped. Henry found himself coloring eggs thanks to some washable markers. He seems to have found the experience odd -- making marks on a heavy, rolling, spinning object. He enjoyed it, but there seemed to be one too many new experiences in the equation. There was no fussing, so we'll put that event in the positive column.

On Saturday I made a lamb cake using my grandmother's aluminum tins. It came out fairly well and Becky only needed to use a little frosting to repair some of the sections that just didn't want to pop out of the tins easily enough. I tried to find some lamb butter, but Anchorage just doesn't have enough Polish Catholics to force the stores to carry the stock. I'd like to give Henry a taste of the old Turek  Polish traditions in the future, so I'll need to arrange for some oplatek this coming Christmas.

Saturday dinner was some intensely fragrant (garlic!) polish sausage and cheese pierogis, courtesy of Grammy Turek and her visit last month. It was a delicious and authentic Holy Saturday.

Hank awoke on Sunday to his first Easter basket and a plethora of plastic eggs "hidden" around the living room. The Easter Bunny had placed several candy eggs in each plastic egg, which produced the most delightful rattle for Henry to enjoy.

IMG_2736 (Large)

He really seemed to get into it, though it probably helped that the eggs were placed directly in his crawling hot spots.

IMG_2739 (Large)

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