Monday, April 16, 2012

The ongoing joke around the house is that Henry looks so much like a young Chris and has mannerisms so much like a young Chris, that we are unsure of whom his mother is. There is plenty of time for an infinite amount of habits and physical traits to surface, so we know it's all a joke right now. Still, Becky would like a Barnes trait to pop up now and again. I'm sure it will.

For years my parents have told endless stories of how as a baby I would slowly and steadily move my index finger north in the hopes of touching a parent's eye. As soon as I learned how to point and touch things, I wanted nothing less than an eyeball as the goal. If I was being fed or held, the finger went to the eye. I don't believe Becky did anything nearly as a specific. Well, look who is all about eyeballs around our house.

IMG_2766 (Large)

When Grammy Turek came up for her Iditarod visit, she brought my Eagle Scout plaques along. I did not have any specific plans for them, but certainly they should end up in my house at this point. For the heck of it I put the plaque up in Henry's room.

He loves it. Without fail, if we ask him where "Daddy's plaque" is, he will turn directly to it. At any given time, he loves looking at it for minutes on end as well. It's a magnetic eagle it seems.

IMG_2762 (Large)

With daytime highs in the mid 40's, the melt is on. Henry and I have been jogging around the neighborhood and hiking through the bog. He's able to stay awake during the jogging just fine, but inevitably falls asleep during the bog hikes. I suspect when I put together the new bike trailer in a few weeks he'll be dozing off even sooner. He's slowly revving up for the Alaskan summer of endless daylight.

IMG_2764 (Large)

This video was on Facebook a while back, but in case anyone missed it there, Lesley was able to provide a youtube version.

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