Monday, April 23, 2012

Henry's 9 month checkup went well. He's average in all physical categories except height -- he's leaning towards the tall end of the bell curve these days. I'm sure it will all shake out in a few 100 more directions in the coming years, but as parents we are happy he's growing steadily and healthily. This is the time of your child's life where "average" is what everyone hopes for. Hank is growing and exploring and eating everything put in front of him.

Our pediatrician gave us the ok, thanks to a change in current medical thought, to begin introducing some of the foods that provide the biggest allergic threats. Just space them out and watch for a reaction. We began first with several days of peanut butter and are happy to report that this boy loves his peanut butter. We had spread it across some bread to make it easier for him to actually feed himself and perhaps cut down on some of the mess. You be the judge.

IMG_2786 (Large) 

 Later this week scrambled eggs will be making an appearance.

Finding a few spare hours over the weekend, I pulled out my power drill and attacked all of the cabinets that needed baby proof locks. We opted for magnetic locks based on the advice of different folks I've run into. So far they seem to be hindering Henry as promised. We'll need to pick up a few extras though as the magnetic ones are too large for some of the smaller drawers.

It's always a party when Daddy fires up the power drill and The Supervisor will not be denied the chance to observe the work.

IMG_2789 (Large)

IMG_2792 (Large)

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