Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Encyclopedia Henry and The Case of the Missing Rag

Henry pushed away his pacifier for good around the 3 month mark. It does nothing for him as he is without a doubt a burp rag guy. We expect him to transition to blankets at some point, but these days the rag gets it done. Much soothing and peace comes from tugging and wringing the burp rag in his hands. He loves it. As he is able to roll over from side to side and sit up on his own, he can now begin to sleep with his burp rag.

This has been an amazing turn of events. He used to fuss for 5-10 minutes when we'd put him down for bed, but now he merely babbles for a minute or so before falling asleep. Bedtime is infinitely easier than ever before, and in truth it was never that difficult to start with. He loves his rag, so give the kid his rag.

IMG_2687 (Large)

The weather lately has found each day exploding into blue skies and near 50 degree temps. Add in some sunshine and we are in the midst of a beautiful, gradually melting Alaskan spring. The trails in the neighborhood bog are still packed with 1-2 feet of slushy snow, so we've been forgoing the backpack and instead using the jogging stroller. Hank loves both and as long as he's in motion, he's happy and up for it. In the afternoon yesterday Becky loaded up The Supervisor into the stroller and started off for the supermarket. After filling the short shopping list she pushed homeward as Henry scanned the trees and road for endless interesting images. Becky returned home, put away the stroller, and settled back before texting me.

Nice walk but lost a rag somewhere on the walk :(

Trouble was brewing and a mystery was underfoot. I ended up getting home from the gym within 30 minutes and the weather was still fabulous. Assuming Hank didn't need to eat anytime soon, I had planned on taking him on a jog. Given the tragedy in front of us, we quickly opted for a route retracing the steps of the fateful voyage. I've read enough Encyclopedia Brown and Hardy Boys books to know a mystery when I see one, so off we went.

Twenty minutes later I saw a white object against some greening grass and knew that Henry and I had cracked this case wide open. The dusty rag had been reclaimed and we happily texted mommy with the news. After snaking through a new neighborhood as Daddy panted and Henry craned about at the homes and melting snow berms, we found ourselves home enjoying a dinner in the high chair as the dirty burp rag sat safely on the top of the hamper. He may never know how close to tragedy we had come.

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