Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Saturday found Anchorage being dumped with a few inches of heavy, wet snow, which pushed us into the record books. I was extremely hopeful that we would end up breaking the record -- If you are knee deep in a brutal winter, go for it all. If you're going to be a bear, be a grizzly.

The record was broken, all facebook statuses echoed it, so let's now get it melted.

The Easter plan was for Henry to eat a full breakfast of solids and hopefully remain satisfied throughout church at noon.We travel with a baby bag and a flexible schedule, and had every intention of sitting in the rear of a packed church. It was ambitious, but worth a try. Thankfully, The Supervisor thought quietly glancing around the church at the plethora of adults and children was just the cat's pajamas. A quiet, inquisitive Henry is always a welcome state of the world for us. Aside from a bathroom break after Henry's red-faced Eucharist prayer, church was a breeze.

After church at St. Andrews in Eagle River, we continued north to Chugiak for dinner at Randy and Kelly's home. Amongst a delicious dinner of Prime Rib and Ham, Henry was dressed up a bit by cousin Hailey. 

IMG_2743 (Large)

Henry helped me hide the eggs and also participated in the searching process. Between Hailey and Lesley, 22 out of 23 eggs were found. We eventually shrugged and chalked the missing egg up to the dogs.

IMG_2749 (Large)

Even though there was at least knee high snow everywhere, the sun and 40 degree temps had everyone milling around outside without jackets. All Easter photos are here.

IMG_2750 (Large)

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